Wednesday, May 04, 2005


Here are some pictures from Rolex, 2005:

Kim Severson
Kim Severson, the Champion, in Mid-Air

Leslie Law
Leslie Law in Mid-Air

Andrew Hoy at Liverpool
Andrew Hoy (I think) Almost Coming Off at the Liverpool

Unidentifed Rider Crashing through the Liverpool
An Unidentified Rider Taking Out the Liverpool

Karen O'Conner
Karen O'Conner taking off at my fence, the Keeper's Brush

Rider at Brush
An Unidentified Rider taking off at my fence, the Keeper's Brush

stomping divits
Me stomping divits at my fence, the Keeper's Brush

Peter Gray
Peter Gray Doing Dressage

Jenna Schildmier
Jenna Schildmier Doing Dressage

Buck Davidson
Buck Davidson Doing Dressage

Corrine Ashton
Corrine Ashton Doing Dressage


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Lis said...

the unidentified rider taking out the liverpool is Adrienne Iorio.